The Snaking move is a mesmerizing and fluid dance technique that has become a cornerstone of Funk Style dancing. This captivating movement involves creating a wave-like motion that travels through the body, typically starting from the head and flowing down to the feet, or vice versa. The Snaking move showcases a dancer’s control over individual body parts and their ability to create smooth, continuous motion. It’s a visually striking element that adds a touch of grace and fluidity to the often sharp and explosive movements found in Funk Style dancing. Mastering the Snaking move not only enhances a dancer’s repertoire but also demonstrates their understanding of body isolation and control, key components in many street dance styles.

Video Demonstration

Dance History

The Snaking move, like many elements of Funk Style dancing, emerged from the vibrant street dance scene of the 1970s in the United States. While it’s challenging to attribute its creation to a single individual, the move gained prominence alongside the rise of Funk music and the development of various street dance styles. The Snaking technique likely evolved from earlier body wave movements seen in styles like the Robot and Electric Boogaloo. It became more defined and refined as dancers experimented with ways to express the smooth, groovy elements of Funk music through their bodies. By the 1980s, the Snaking move had become a recognizable and essential part of the Funk Style vocabulary, showcased in dance battles, music videos, and street performances across the country.

Step By Step Instruction

1. Start in a relaxed standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Begin by tilting your head slightly backward.
3. Slowly roll your head forward, initiating the wave motion.
4. As your chin tucks, push your chest forward slightly.
5. Continue the wave by sucking in your stomach and pushing your hips forward.
6. Let the motion flow down through your thighs, bending your knees slightly.
7. Finally, rise onto the balls of your feet as the wave reaches your ankles.
8. Reverse the motion, starting from your feet and moving back up to your head.
9. Practice the movement slowly at first, gradually increasing speed as you gain control.
10. Experiment with different directions and starting points for the wave.

Tips For Learning

– Practice in front of a mirror to visualize and correct your form.
– Focus on isolating each body part to create a smooth, continuous motion.
– Start with slow, exaggerated movements and gradually increase speed and subtlety.
– Use music with a clear, steady beat to help time your movements.
– Incorporate breathing techniques to enhance fluidity and relaxation.
– Practice regularly, even for short periods, to build muscle memory.
– Watch videos of experienced dancers performing the Snaking move for inspiration.
– Experiment with different intensities and amplitudes of the wave motion.


The Snaking move is a testament to the fluid and expressive nature of Funk Style dancing. By mastering this technique, dancers can add a mesmerizing element to their performances that captivates audiences and showcases their control and artistry. While it may take time and practice to perfect, the Snaking move is a valuable addition to any dancer’s repertoire, offering a way to physically interpret the smooth, groovy essence of Funk music. As you continue to refine your Snaking technique, remember that the key lies in patience, consistent practice, and allowing your body to flow with the rhythm of the music.

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