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Can rhythm be taught? My answer is absolutely yes. Rhythm is the foundation for all dance styles. Strengthening your rhythm is the foundation of all of my lessons.


The balance required in dance requires you to gain control of even the smallest of muscles and joints. This is why I include balance training in our daily and weekly exercise routines.


Flexibility provides innumerable benefits from increasing range of motion, preventing injury, increasing strength to improving performance.


Control for a dancer means the ability to manipulate the rhythm of the music to the balance of your body within its range of flexibility.

4 Available Locations

mission hip hop class

Mission College Hip Hop

Anyone can register at

08/26/2023 ~ 12/16/2023

MW: 2:05 ~ 3:30pm

Tu: 7:00 ~ 10:10pm


west valley hip hop class

West Valley College Hip Hop

Anyone can register at

08/26/2023 ~ 12/16/2023

MW: 4:15 ~ 5:45pm


cabrillo hip hop class

Cabrillo College Hip Hop

Anyone can register at

08/28/2023 ~ 12/16/2023

Tu & Th: 9:30 ~ 10:50am


the get down dsp family

Get Down Studios

Anyone can register at

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