First Day of Dance Class

It’s that time of the year again. At the end of every summer, my classes at Mission College, Cabrillo College, and West Valley College start again.  I’m excited to meet new faces as well as familiar ones.

If you are taking dance for the very first time, I think it’s important that I share some of these keys points with you. I think it will help you along your dance journey.

First, introduce yourself to everyone in class. Most students are nervous, and to walk up to others in class to make a self-introduction if probably the last thing they will ever do.  I challenge you to do this because it will establish a very valuable habbit. The act of self-introduction give the appearances of confidence.  This confidence whether real or fake is what you will need in your dance.  A confident dancer is always superior to an unconfident one.  Practice confidence.

Second, count with the instructor.  I can’t stress this enough especially for the beginning dance students. If rhythm is what you need to build, begin training your rhythm by counting, taping your fingers, or stumping your feet to the rhythm of the music.  Take every opportunity you have to train your rhythm. Some students take longer to build their rhythm because they have this internal struggle of be confident.  By counting out loud, I encourage my students to demonstrate their understanding of rhythm and proudly display their understanding by counting the beat as well as performing the moves.

Just with these 2 tips, I think you will be better prepared for your dance classes than if you didn’t do them.  My hope is that you will find these tips helpful and share them with those that can benefit from them. I do value your questions, comments, or concerns.  If you have other tips that can help, I would love to learn from you. Or if you disagree with my tips, I would love to learn why and how I can improve as well.  Thank you.  Hope to dance with you soon.

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